About Us

SOC Blended Learning

School of Coding (SOC) Blended Learning is the European Locality of our educator. We deliver European funded projects to improve a range of aspects, including- Schools, Youth/Adult Education, and the heritage of our Planet Earth.

Our focus is to deliver inspirational, market-leading and innovative educational research projects using Computer Science.

Along with our unique and futuristic E-Learning Platform (that helps develop our students’ knowledge in many engaging ways), we have also expanded our Education Centres to various areas in the UK, Ireland, and India.

Students of all ages and abilities come to SOC Blended Learning to learn and develop skills in Computer Science.

We work and aim to reduce the number of NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) individuals across Europe and develop a more innovative, digitally educated and sustained Europe.


Our Mission

Our mission is to support and challenge people to become the best they can be; developing their confidence, resilience and relationship skills.

Extraordinary Experiences

Every year we with over 20,000 people through our Coding, Digital Skills, Robotics and employability, education programmes. Our work gives people access to opportunities they might not otherwise have had.

Throughout our history, community organisations have provided a constant lifeline and a vital safe space outside the family and formal education, where people can develop confidence, resilience and skills.

Our Core Values

People need opportunities outside the school or work, to have fun, to learn new skills, to make a positive change in their communities and to shape the country they live in, through our work we want to help people achieve this goal.

  • We do this with, and through, our network of community youth organisations and at our education centres. We look to work with all young people, focusing particularly on those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the kind of opportunities we offer.
  • We also work with organisations helping to bring more people into futuristic skills such as coding, programming, robotics and A.I.
  • We are particularly interested and focussed on bringing more women into the tech industry, we want to encourage both men and women to be confident in both using and developing technology.