Our focus is on making Europe more
Educated and Innovative

Our Projects

 In today’s digital world, coding is a fundamental skill alongside math and reading, but too few people have the opportunity to learn to program because it is rarely taught in school. We create a fun and engaging activities where people not only learn to program but also have opportunities to be creative using code.

Coding 4 Migrant Women

Aims to provide services to migrant women who are potential returners into the labour market by acquiring and developing skills in Coding, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Python & Java for Teachers

The project Python and Java for Teachers aims to support teachers across Europe to acquire skills in  Computer Science within primary and secondary schools.

CAIR 4 Youth

CAIR 4 YOUTH Project aims to support professionals in the youth sector in acquiring and developing creative sector skills in working with Coding, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Quality Virtual Studies

The aim of this project is to increase the quality of teaching/learning in VLE and the study process by creating preconditions for the recognition of the acquired results during virtual mobility.

About Us

SOC Blended Learning

School of Coding (SOC) Blended Learning is the European Locality of our educator. We deliver European funded projects to improve a range of aspects, including- Schools, Youth/Adult Education, and the heritage of our Planet Earth.

Our focus is to deliver inspirational, market-leading and innovative educational research projects using Computer Science.

Along with our unique and futuristic E-Learning Platform (that helps develop our students’ knowledge in many engaging ways), we have also expanded our Education Centres to various areas in the UK, Ireland, and India.

Students of all ages and abilities come to School of Coding to learn and develop skills in Computer Science.

We work and aim to reduce the number of NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) individuals across Europe and develop a more innovative, digitally educated and sustained Europe.

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